Understanding the Credit System at Autowriter

Understanding the Credit System at Autowriter
Dixit Soni
Dixit Soni

Writing is a process. It can be a tedious one for those who are not accustomed to it. Also, one can not be the best at multiple things or skills. Suppose you are a Digital Marketer. You are good at understanding the ads, consumer behavior, the marketing tools. But, you lack copywriting skills, which is not suitable for business, as you can not communicate effectively with your customers and subscribers. Copy is an integral part of every business. It is how you communicate, be it blogs, video scripts, podcasts. Copy is central to all of these communication methods.

Autowriter is your AI friend with end-to-end copywriting solutions. You heard it right. If you are a student, a digital marketer, a business, an online seller, a YouTuber, then Autowriter is for you. Autowriter provides AI services for a diverse range of copies. Email copies, sales copies, mission, and vision statements, to name a few. You can even write blogs and books using Autowriter. Books too? Really? Well, yes. Try it yourselves.

Today, we are talking about the Autowriter’s credit system. Autowriter is regulated by a credit system. Credits are the currency when you are using Autowriter.ai. These are similar to tokens. You buy tokens by paying some money, and then you are eligible to use the products by showing that you have the token. Whenever you generate any copy using any of our tools, one credit is deducted. A new account created on Autowriter automatically starts with 20 credits, which are free to use.

Let’s understand how this works.

There are various tools on Autowriter. Each tool uses a maximum of 1 credit from your account.

Let’s take an example - There is an Email tool. It has multiple options like Welcome emails, Feedback Emails, Offer Emails, Milestone Emails, and Outreach Emails. Let’s say you use the Welcome Email tool. You write the keywords and give the AI an idea of your business and your product. Click on the Generate button, and you are provided with multiple results. Your 1 credit is deducted. But, the best part lies here. Every tool that you use will generate multiple outcomes based on your input. So, you can select the best one out of them, as per your requirements.

The Long-Form Content tool is used to write long blogs and books. Using this tool is pretty cheaper. We have named the “Generate” button “AI Magic.” This is a special button that generates the output for your input but costing just 0.5 credits. The “AI Magic” button is present for only one tool as of now. Every copy you generate by clicking on the “AI Magic” button will result in a deduction of only 0.5 credits from your account. Whereas all other tools with the “Generate” button deduct one credit for the output

Apart from “AI Magic,” Autowriter provides three other features in the Long-form content tool - Expander, Shortener, and Simplify.

  1. Expander tools generate an expansion of bullet points or sentences. You can use it to elaborate on a topic. Using this feature costs 0.5 credits. There can be many unknown use-cases of this feature.

Shortener and Simplify are the freebies. Using these two features requires no credits.

  1. Shortener shrinks a long sentence to a short, crisp, and better-worded sentence. It easily converts a 5 line paragraph into a 2 line sentence while keeping the context and the message of the sentence intact. It is helpful for writing and creating dialogues. There can be many use-cases of it.

  1. When you want to simplify a complex sentence, you can use the Simplify tool. It crunches down the complicated words and meanings and delivers an easily understandable output. Students can use this tool to their benefit and understand the scientific terms in a simple language. There can be many use-cases of this feature as well.

Autowriter is constantly evolving and becoming better. More tools are in the pipeline and being tested, which will be released soon. Sign up today to use our exciting features.