Get rid of writer's block with Autowriter

Get rid of writer's block with Autowriter
Dixit Soni
Dixit Soni

Have you ever found yourself staring at the blank page on your computer screen or on your notebook, figuring out what to write? When your mind goes blank, and you can not think of any ideas to start writing. When you are not able to comprehend how to go on developing a story and you feel stuck. Have you ever been there?

This is called Writer’s Block. It is that space wherein a writer can not come up with new ideas and experiences a creative slowdown. You can see no development in your work. Every writer faces this problem. Every artist, screenwriter, songwriter, designer, painter, all of these creative fields go through the dearth of writer’s block or creative block. This is not due to the lack of motivation, or writing skills, or low creativity, or commitment issues of the writer. It is more of a psychological phenomenon. It is caused if you are depressed or tensed on the inside, or are going through a difficult phase like a breakup.

Personally, the main reason for my writer’s block is low creativity, most of the time. There are times when I feel less creative, and could not brainstorm different ideas. At times, it is Perfectionism that leads me to a creative blockage. The idea of being perfect at what I do, the idea of writing that perfect article, that perfect blog post. Perfectionism is not a reality, it is just a thought. No one can be perfect. Many writers face this too. This article today is going to help you beat writer’s block and get back on track with your ongoing book, blog post, article.

Writer’s block is the time for me to explore stuff. These are the things which you should do when you feel like you’re facing a writer’s block. I follow it from time to time and it works for me. So, here you go.

  1. Daydream

Whenever I’m stuck in my writing, I shift my mind to something else, something really random. I think of weird things and mix up different characters in my mind. I daydream. I refresh some old memories, and my past starts revolving in my mind. This is a freshener. Try it out.

  1. Write

What do you mean, write? Yes. Write about anything. Stop writing that book, that article where you are stuck and shift to writing something else. Write your feelings at the moment. Write how that particular song makes you feel. But, write. But, write anything.

  1. Sleep well

Most of the time, the causes of writer’s block are inhibitions and being depressed. The stress, the tension, is the underlying cause of your writer’s block. Make it mandatory for yourself to get good sleep, and maintain a sleep schedule.

  1. Explore

Read that piece you saved up in your bookmarks months ago, and never opened. Go out on a walk or a run. Whenever I’m in writer’s block, I explore different genres of music. I watch one of the movies from my list. I also talk to different people during this time. It helps you get your mind at ease, and boost your productivity.

  1. Autowriter

Imagine a world where anyone could start writing a book, without even opening a word processor. That world has arrived. A tool which you can use to generate content of your choice. Autowriter comes in handy during writer’s block. It does wonders, literally. It is an Artificial Intelligence based tool designed to solve all your Copywriting needs. It uses GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) tool, which is created by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence based research laboratory.

Imagine a software writing an article for you. And Autowriter is the best at it. It does the job good and saves me time as well.

From generating various ideas for a blog article to the blog outline to generating the whole blog, Autowriter helps you in the process of writing. That’s the whole point the founders started this with. They wanted to help people and businesses in the process of copywriting. It can write Facebook, Google ads, different types of Emails, Product descriptions, blog posts, and even books.

I know what you are thinking. Does this mean the end of the copywriting jobs? Well, no. AI still can not understand emotions and feelings. So, don’t dread your future. It’s safe. I use Autowriter to my benefit by typing in the keywords and sentences of my ongoing project and let it do it’s magic. It, then, generates an output, which becomes the rough draft for my project. I, then, edit and add to this rough draft, as per my needs, and, I’m ready with a quality draft, taking half the time. A plus point being, Autowriter generates multiple output for a single input. This opens different pathways where I can venture into further on with my article or the story. And this is how I use Autowriter to kill my writer’s block.

Autowriter will surely give you a boost in your writing journey.

Use Autowriter to your benefit, to improve the quality of your work and reduce the time taken to finish your work.

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